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Investments in corporate, real estate and infrastructure strategies. We help our clients to find investment and growth opportunities. MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT advises you on high-quality solid residential and investment real estate in good locations, investments in stable sustainable companies and investment properties in Turkey, such as: office buildings, residential buildings, commercial space and hotels.

Real estate and company investments are the focus of our advice.

For those who want to buy a new house, apartment or invest in houses or apartments, MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT can help you to find high quality houses and apartments in Turkey, making it easier to acquire real estate in a city that suits your needs meets individual needs. Our partners and staff will help you make an informed decision about your new home or home. Although certain aspects vary depending on the city in which you buy a property, one thing remains the same: investing in real estate secures your financial future.

MRG offers - investment products for all asset classes in Turkey.




Investment Management Services - We offer investment products for all major asset classes to various institutional and individual clients. We provide asset management services, including portfolio management and financial advisory services, as well as brokerage and other transaction services to wealthy individuals and families.

Individual and tailor-made solutions - For your assets and investments are especially possible if we consider you as a personality, your life and your wishes in full. This conviction follows MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT. That's why you are at the center of our attention. Your personal situation and your goals are decisive for us - in the areas of consulting for asset optimization, pension management and the protection of life risks, generation management and real estate management.

The MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT offers -Investors, individuals, institutional investors, family offices, insurance companies, pension funds and property developers all have a broad portfolio in the investment property asset class. The properties of the asset classes of the owners, customers and partners of MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT are neither publicly available on the market nor published on real estate portals.

We offer real estate to off-market asset classes - they are neither publicly available on the market, nor published in real estate portals. Property classes in the areas of: houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, lofts, penthouses, holiday properties, holiday homes and apartments, office buildings, hotels and hotel buildings, residential complexes and apartment buildings, retail real estate, AVM - real estate and shopping centers, retail parks, hypermarkets, Shopping centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, food discounters, hardware stores, hospitals, clinics and medical centers, retirement homes, nursing homes and retirement homes, logistics properties, car parks and underground car parks, car parks, mines, industrial plants, factories, plots, building plots, new and old projects.




We advise companies, individuals on buying and selling, raising capital and managing risks, which enables them to grow.



We preserve and increase assets.



We develop ideas and analyzes that drive new perspectives, new products and new growth paths.



We help finance your projects so that they can invest.



We negotiate the best contracts for our clients so that capital flows, jobs can be created and the economy can grow.



We help our clients to stay efficient and liquid.



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10 reasons for investing in Turkey

• Flourishing economy; GDP more than tripled from $ 231 billion in 2002 to $ 851 billion in 2017 (TurkStat)

• Stable economic growth with average real GDP growth of 5.8 percent between 2002 and 2017 (TurkStat)

• Promising economy with bright prospects: Turkey is expected to be the fastest-growing economy among OECD member states over the period 2018-2019 with average real GDP growth of 5.0% (OECD)

• Thirteenth largest economy in the world and fifth largest economy in comparison with the EU Member States in 2017 (GDP to PPP, IMF WEO)

• An institutionalized economy that attracted $ 193 billion in foreign direct investment over the past 15 years (CBRT)

• A dynamic and mature private sector with exports worth $ 157 billion and an increase of 335% between 2002 and 2017 (TurkStat)

• Total population of 81 million inhabitants (2017, TurkStat)

• Biggest young population compared to EU (Eurostat)

• Half of the population younger than 31.7 years (2017, TurkStat)

• Young, dynamic, well educated and multicultural population

• Over 31.6 million young, well-educated and motivated professionals (2017, TurkStat)

• Increasing labor productivity

• Every year more than 800,000 graduates from over 183 universities (2017, CoHE)

• More than 985,000 secondary school students, of which about half are vocational, technical and other technical schools (2017, Ministry of Education)

• The 2nd Most Reforms Among the OECD Countries, Regarding the ADI Restrictions since 1997 (OECD FDI Restrictiveness Index 1997-2017)

• Business-friendly environment with an average of 6.5 days to start a business (World Bank Doing Business Report 2018)

• Extremely competitive investment conditions

• Strong industrial and service culture

• Equal treatment of all investors

• Approximately 58,400 foreign-funded companies in 2017 (Ministry of Economic Affairs)

• Arbitration by international arbitration tribunals

• Ensuring the free movement of capital

• New, technically advanced infrastructure for transportation, telecommunications and energy

• Sophisticated, cost-effective maritime transport equipment

• Advantageous rail transport to Central and Eastern Europe

• Well-developed traffic routes and direct delivery to most EU countries

• Natural bridge between the East-West and North-South axes, making it an efficient and cost-effective location for reaching key markets

• Easy access to 1.7 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa

• Access to several markets with a total GDP of $ 25 trillion

• Important role as energy terminal and corridor in Europe connecting East and West

• More than 70% of the proven primary energy reserves are located close to Turkey, while the largest energy consumer (Europe) lies to the west just next to Turkey, making Turkey a land of support for energy transit and an energy terminus in Turkey the region makes

• Reduced corporation tax from 33% to 20% (22% for 2018, 2019 and 2020)

• Tax concessions and incentives in technology development zones, industrial zones and free trade areas. These include u. a. a partial or total exemption from corporate income tax, assumption of part of the employer's contribution to social contributions and land allocation

• Law promoting R & D and innovation

• Incentives for strategic investment to reduce imports, large investments and regional investment

• Customs Union with the EU since 1996 and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with 21 countries (Ministry of Commerce)

• Further FHA in negotiation

• Accession negotiations with the EU

• 69 million broadband Internet users in 2017 compared to 0.1 million in 2002 (ICTA, TurkStat)

• 78 million mobile phone users in 2017 vs. 23 million in 2002 (TurkStat)

• 62.5 million credit card holders in 2017 versus 16 million in 2002 (The Interbank Card Center of Turkey)

• 193 million air passengers in 2017 compared to 33 million in 2002 (TurkStat)

• 38 million arrivals of international tourists in 2017 compared to 13 million in 2002 (TurkStat)

Economic situation

Average annual real GDP growth (%) 2003-2016

Turkish economy

The Turkish economy has performed remarkably well with its steady growth over the past 14 years. A sound macroeconomic strategy, prudent fiscal policies and major structural reforms have all contributed to the integration of the Turkish economy into the globalized world while transforming the country into one of the main recipients of foreign direct investment in its region.


These reforms have reinforced the role of the private sector in the Turkish economy, increased the efficiency and resilience of the financial sector and put public finances on a sounder footing. These reforms strengthened the country's macroeconomic fundamentals, allowing the economy to grow at an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5.6 percent between 2003 and 2016.

Economic performance of Turkey

Source: OECD Quarterly National Accounts, 2017

Turkey's impressive economic performance over the past 14 years has led experts and international institutions to make confident predictions about Turkey's economic future. For example, according to the OECD, Turkey is expected to be one of the fastest growing economies of OECD member countries in 2015-2025, with an annual growth rate of 4.9 percent.


Source: OECD

Annual average real GDP growth (%) Forecast in OECD countries 2015-2025 (USD at 2010 PPP)

Public finances

Along with stable economic growth, Turkey has also reined in its public finances; EU-defined government bonds were cut from 72.1 percent in 2002 to 28.3 percent in 2016. Since 2004, Turkey has met the "60 percent Maastricht criteria" for public debt. Similarly, the fiscal deficit fell from more than 10% in 2003-2016 to less than 2% of GDP, which is one of the EU Maastricht budget balance criteria.

With GDP rising from $ 236 billion in 2002 to $ 857 billion in 2016, GDP per capita increased from $ 3,581 to $ 10,807 over the same period.

foreign trade

The visible improvements in the Turkish economy have also stimulated foreign trade. Exports reached US $ 143 billion by the end of 2016, compared to US $ 36 billion in 2002, while tourism revenues, which amounted to US $ 12.4 billion in 2002, exceeded $ 22 billion in 2016.

Significant improvements in such a short period of time have established Turkey in the global economy as an exceptionally aspiring economy. It takes 17th place in the world economy after the GDP figures in 2016 and the 6th place compared to the EU countries.

Foreign direct investment

• Institutionalized economy fueled by $ 180 billion of foreign direct investment over the last 14 years
• 17th place among the largest economies in the world and 6th place of the largest economies compared with EU countries in 2016 (GDP, IMF)
• Robust economic growth with average annual real GDP growth of 5.6% over the period 2003-2016
• GDP reached $ 857 billion in 2016, compared to $ 236 billion in 2002
• Sound economic policy with prudent fiscal discipline
• Strong financial structure that resists global financial crises



Through local support and professional management and monitoring, we ensure you and your property fast and solution-oriented decisions.


We offer strategic solutions around the entire life cycle of your real estate, with a focus on return-related and risk-relevant factors.


As a project manager, we will coordinate revitalization and conversion measures as well as rental space extensions for you and thus maintain or optimize the value of your property.


Through our active center management and leasing activities we are optimally setting up your retail properties.


Whether vacancy reduction, expansion, the creation of rental concepts or lease renewal, we are available to you and your tenants with our nationwide rental team for all questions.


Professionalism and broad expertise are key factors for successful real estate investments. To do this, we draw on the know-how of our employees, who are very familiar with the German submarkets.


For funds and investment products we manage, we draw on decades of experience and the corresponding expertise. With our entire range of services, we manage your investments at the company and asset levels.


Our corporate group = your professional partner and full-service provider for real estate, commercial real estate and companies in Turkey.

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